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Alarm Receiving Centre - ARC

Here at Robowatch we have our own CAT II in-house monitoring and alarm receiving centre, with in-house SIA licensed 24 hour a day controllers. Our state of the art control centre is fortified against outside attack, has secure telephone links and an independent power supply. In the unlikely event of the control centre being evacuated, a temporary satellite monitoring station is set up in minutes meaning security is never compromised.

Using tried and tested technologies, our dedicated approach means cameras are recording images 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring all activity is captured even when your site is not being monitored. These images are recorded onto a tamper proof hard disk so archive access (if required) is instant via an intuitive interface for up to 30 days.

It is widely accepted that the total cost of construction site crime is in excess of £1 billion per year, however this does not include the hidden and uncalculated costs of crime such as repairs to property and equipment, temporary hire costs, performance penalties incurred, loss of business due to downtime, having labour idle and the resulting increased insurance premiums.

Completely modular by design, Robowatch offers the ideal blend of security and asset protection solutions for construction sites of any size or complexity. We believe that Robowatch is the most efficient way to secure your construction site and business premises.

The strength of the solution lies in its primary function acting as a strong deterrent to potential crimes of theft, vandalism and arson; beyond this the system’s secondary function is to gather irrefutable evidence suitable for prosecution.

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